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Pro Team athlete Jordan K was on hand at the RRG Rodeo and brought back some incredible shots from his time there.

“The RRG Rodeo hosted by the RRG Fixed Gear Ethics Initiative was a blast over labor day weekend. The stoke was high and so was the humidity. Having a GETLOST Performance Tee was excellent with how much you would be sweating mid route. After a day of a few onsights and redpoints and one crazy whipper we posted up for a few games of Rummy, some Ale 8’s, and the best pizza around while enjoying the rodeo (sorry no climbing pics as it was only two of us). Raffle tickets were selling off the hook and no wonder with the awesome grab bag of prizes from GETLOST, RAB, and Prana. Every ticket sold essentially equalled buying a stainless steel bolt to replace some old mank, so a bucket was slowly filled with bolts for every ticket purchased. The bucket was overflowing by the end of the night from the support of the incredible local climbing community. The RRG Fixed Gear Ethics Initiative was on hand with tons of rusted, worn, and busted old gear to educate climbers on what to look for when out climbing. Throughout the night the qualifier for the rodeo clip contest was held and yours truly made the final 5. I put up my best effort but managed 4th in the end after not my best showing in rodeo clipping. The bonfire and party raged on into the night and good times were had by all. In total $1,100 was raised or roughly 220 Bolts to be swapped for old gear and keep all climbers in the Red safe. Thanks again to Ian and the RRG Fixed Gear Ethics Initiative for having us jump on board and sponsor the event as well as join in on a great time.”

Get Out There,

Jordan K

Light Show RRG Rodeo Miguels After Party Fire Juggler Light Show 2 Light Show 3 Bonfire Bonfire 2



Clipping into a piece of rusty old fixed gear on a climb can be a nightmare and can quickly turn a fun day of sending into the worst day ever. There’s so many bolted climbs that its hard to keep track of old mank gear, and who is responsible to replace it anyway? Insert the RRG Bolt Fund. Through fundraising this group scours the Red River Gorge and replaces the worst of the worst with new bombproof fixed hardware. These guys put in the work as well as supply the bolts, chains, even permadraws to keep all Red River Gorge climbers safe and sending.

Every year the RRG Bolt Fund hosts the RRG Rodeo including the mankest of mank hardware on show, the PBR-Rodeo clip Contest: Slam a PBR and make a Rodeo-clip in record time!!! Starts 7pm on Saturday night! Sweet prize package for the winner!! Ale-8 will be available for those who choose not to drink. ($10 entry), donate a Bolt Raffle! $5 per bolt! Swag winner will be drawn 8pm on Sunday, Aug 31st, Mank Radar: How good are you at catching mank gear? Test your skill and pick the bomber piece from the mank behind a blind, and of coourse Check Your Grip(strength) Challenge!! Use the hand dynomometer to see how strong your grip is! The party happens at Miguels Pizza on 8/30 around 6:00pm and goes well into the night.

GETLOST has donated a massive swag bag of goodies including most pieces from out line up to be used as competition prizes and raffle gifts. Join us for a great time and an excellent weekend in the Red and support an excellent ground level cause keeping the RRG a premier and safe climbing destination. Get Out There!

Event info can be found at Labor Day RRG Rodero and the RRG Bolt Fund

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Check out the great review of the GETLOST Heathered Performance Tees and Jefe Hat and other useful traveling tips for going abroad and going light done by Running Wild TV. GETLOST gear is made for lightweight and long term use. So when you need to rely on a few pieces of clothing to get you through long stretches of time, there is no better solution. What are your light travel must haves?



Our friends at Running Wild TV shot a great promo for us during a casual day out with friends at the Red River Gorge. No matter who you are, or what you do outdoors, GETLOST gear will help you succeed on all of your projects. Get Out There.


Music Credit: KenJazzy “The Friends You’ll Always Have” on The Summertime Remixes

What do you do when the snow starts melting? Put on costumes and skim across the water of course. GETLOST athletes Andy P, “Spidey”, and Jordan K, “Sharkbait”, headed out for their local hills annual pond skim looking sharp. They send along a little advice for those trying pond skimming for the first time. Number 1, go fast. Its a long way across and your speed dies out quickly when you hit the water. The faster you go the more stable you are as well. Numero dos, lean back slightly. Leaning forward leads to an epic yet painful looking face-plant however leaning too far back makes for a nice spin out as “Sharkbait” quickly found. Lastly, Make sure that costume is top notch and have a blast. Look up your local ski hills and watch out for their season wrap up events and Get Out There!

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Get Out There!