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What We’re About!

Like you, we live to be outdoors and got tired of overpriced performance clothing letting us down when it left the confines of the gym. GETLOST High Performance Outdoor Gear is made to perform in any scenario at a price you can’t beat. We work hard to maintain 100% customer satisfaction, and we know once you try our products you will join the revolution and Get Out There!

GETLOST is for the adventurers, the pioneers and those just getting started, the dirt bags and the weekend warriors, the seasoned guides and the rookies. GETLOST is for those that know no bounds. For those that call tents and cars their homes, those who paddle, climb, hike, pedal, and run; those who are more comfortable in the backcountry than their own couch. GETLOST is for those who want to Get Out There and enjoy the natural world we live in. For those that want to be one with the wild, the water, or the rock, those who experience places untouched by any other person, and for those that want to leave this world a better place than they found it. GETLOST is for those whose day begins where the trail ends.

It’s a way of life. An outdoor life. A life together. And a life lived. Because life starts where the computer  and phone screens end and the mountains begin. So what are you waiting for? Get Out There, and GETLOST!


Earth Friendly Business Mentality!

GETLOST runs paperless by sending all receipts, order confirmations, and all in house paperwork electronically. Packaging is kept to a minimum to protect the gear during the shipping process while not creating unnecessary waste. Lastly, recyclable/recycled materials are used wherever possible to make the best use of resources already available. Making a minimal impact on our environment and operating with sustainable practices is at the forefront of our daily activities and is our standard.


Want to Join The Team?

Click on the “How Do You GETLOST?” tab to send us pictures and videos of your adventures and be part of the GETLOST Team. You will also have a chance to win some GETLOST gear, and a chance to be featured on the website. Show us how you GETLOST and join the team today!


GETLOST Supports!

GETLOST supports First Descents and through fundraising, volunteering, and awareness promotion. With every order GETLOST sends information from on testicular cancer awareness and screening as well as their awesome awareness bracelets sporting the “Don’t Be A Punk, Check Your Junk” slogan or other. Testicular cancer in young men is an often overlooked demographic that has hit us close to home and we’re proud to help spread awareness with every order. First Descents is an organization that takes young cancer survivors (age 18-39) rock climbing, kayaking, or surfing to help empower survivors to reclaim their lives and bodies through outdoor adventure sports and is an excellent program to be a part of. At GETLOST we believe in the power of the outdoor sports to change lives in a positive way and embody the Out Living It spirit of First Descents. We have a FD ambassador on staff that can answer any questions you may have about joining the First Descent family on a trip or through volunteering.

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Get Out There!